10 Proven Ways Cow Milk Helps You Build strong Immune System

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10 Proven Ways Cow Milk Helps You Build strong Immune System

14 July, 2020

Milk is a widely consumed health beverage across all Indian households. We Indians just can’t imagine our lives without our trusted cow’s milk. It happens to be an integral part of our daily diet now. It has a versatile application.

Milk is a daily dose of good health. It is also a perfect ingredient for various desserts and savoury delicacies. Cow milk can amp up the taste and health factor of a dish. In fact, cow milk is a perfect replacement for a complete balanced meal.

Right from our childhood, we have seen our mothers insisting on having a glass of milk daily. They considered it an effective cure for every small as well as big ailments. As time changed, it has now become a versatile beverage.

We can now drink milk in different forms such as a cold smoothie, or as a hot or chilled flavoured drink. Cow milk is easy to digest because it is not a complex beverage. Some people drink it before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Yet, others drink it early in the morning to feel energised.

Cow milk incorporates some unique nutrients that cannot be found on any other form of milk. It is an old and most trusted form of health drink, which roots back to Ayurveda. Till today, it is regarded as a wholesome beverage for the holistic development of the body.

10 Benefits of Drinking Cow Milk are:

  1. Complete meal:
    Cow milk is packed with all the vital nutrients, which makes it a whole mean in itself. This healthy beverage is a storehouse of quality protein, which is an excellent source of strength to the building block of cells.It incorporates nine vital amino acids. These amino acids are famous for their incredible health benefits. Cow milk is a wonderworker for strengthening your immune system. It helps to repair the damaged tissues and cells as well.
  2. Strengthens bones and muscles:drink milk for growth of bones
    Cow milk contains a significant amount of calcium, which is highly associated with the development and maintenance of bones and muscles. Adding cow milk on your daily diet helps in enhancing your core strength. It thus helps to prevent the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.Apart from quality protein, cow milk is filled with phosphorus, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. The combination of these crucial nutrients are highly beneficial for the overall growth and development of your body.
  3. Good for weight loss:

    milk is good for weight loss
    Due to its great nutritive value and good fat content, cow’s milk is related to weight loss as well. This beverage is very satiating and prevents sudden hunger pangs. However, cow milk has many benefits and it helps in improving the metabolism of the body and thus prevents weight gain.
  4. Prevents Diabetes:
    Drinking cow’s milk on a daily basis helps you in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body. This health beverage has essential minerals as well as vitamins that help in processing the food regularly, and this further helps in maintaining the glucose and insulin level. Thus, cow’s milk is one of the super beverages that help in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level in the body.
  5. Maintains heart health:
    Cow’s milk incorporates a high amount of omega-3 fats which are suitable for your body. Drinking a glass of this super-healthy beverage every day helps to improve your cholesterol levels. This further helps in improving overall heart health.That’s not it, cow’s milk also helps in preventing any heart-related issues like heart attacks. Unlike any other milk, cow’s milk is lighter and much easier to digest as well.
  6. Brain food:
    Milk is a crucial brain-food. It is a storehouse of vitamin B, which works wonders in calming down your nerves. It helps in maintaining a proper sleep cycle. Vitamin B12 is known to improve our memory as well as sharpness. It is specifically essential in enhancing the overall brain development of a growing child.
  7. Inflammatory Issues:
    Milk is often recommended as a natural treatment for various problems. Such as gout, arthritis, breathing distress, or burns on the skin. Milk incorporates a combination of:
    a. complete animal proteins
    b. omega-3 fats
    c. antioxidant mineralsThese substances in milk make it an extraordinary anti-inflammatory compound. There is a reason some people drink milk after a spicy meal. Its unique mix of nutrients can relieve the stomach’s inflammation. It also enhances the efficiency of digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  8. Growth and Development:
    milk is good for children
    Cow’s milk is an excellent source of protein that benefits our internal functions. Protein plays a vital part, both in the production of energy and in the growth and natural advancements. A lot of significant research has concluded that cow’s milk aids growth and development, both physically and psychologically.

  9. Enhances Immunity:
    Cow’s milk is more than just calcium and protein. It incorporates antioxidant compounds like vitamin E, zinc and selenium. These compounds improve our natural defences to fight against harmful invaders.
  10. Fights Depression:
    Adequate vitamin D levels are being found to support the production of serotonin. It is a hormone people associate with sleep, appetite, and mood.However, a lot of research has linked vitamin D deficiency with clinical depression. Cow’s milk is a significant source of vitamin D as well.In a nutshell, cow’s milk is packed with all the vital nutrients like protein, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat. All of these are extremely important for the healthy development and growth of your body.Moreover, given the current circumstance of a global pandemic, you can now order cow milk online through an app. Download Awesome Dairy mobile app on your mobile phones and get your favourite daily dose of health delivered at your doorstep.

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