Benefits of Parag Ghee for Weight Loss!

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Benefits of Parag Ghee for Weight Loss!

We have been enlightened with a misconception that ghee is fattening. This statement is partially true. Parag ghee which is a pure form of ghee incorporates several health benefits among which weight loss and detox are the mains. Read more to know why fitness experts suggest you include two teaspoons of ghee on your daily intake to reap its benefits.

The maximum of health-conscious people thinks that the key to weight loss is only a fat-free diet. However, this is partially correct because not all fats are bad for your health. Ghee is on the other hand considered to be good fat. Ayurveda recognizes this dairy product as a clarified form of butter which helps to improve the absorption ability of the small intestines and decreases the acidic pH of our gastrointestinal tract. This dairy product is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which reduces LDL cholesterol. It is also considered to be a natural antioxidant which eliminates free radicals and inhibits the whole oxidation process. Thus, this dairy product made from milk prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Many studies and experiments have identified this product as a strengthening food item that removes toxins from our system. Ghee incorporates butyric acid which is a combination of vitamins A, D, E, as well as K that further aids in boosting immunity, promotes gut health, keeps our skin and hair healthy, lubricates our joints and strengthens our bones.

Is ghee a fattening food item?

A lot of prominent experts say that ghee helps you to lose weight. The amalgamation of butyric acid and medium triglycerides in this product helps in mobilizing stubborn body fat and getting finally rid of it. It also helps to elevate good HDL cholesterol in the body.

Excess of anything is bad, and the same goes with this food item. If you only want to reap its positive benefit then consume 2-3 teaspoons of it daily for optimum health. Having it too much can turn into unwanted fats which is ultimately bad for your health.

Gowardhan is one of the top-notch dairy brands whose products serve the best. You can buy the pure Gowardhan milk online and can make ghee out of it at home as well. Read more to know the best ways to consume this food item:

  • Having a teaspoon of ghee with warm water helps to lubricate the bronchioles, reduces spasm of bronchioles, and enhances breathing as well as cure cough.
  • Putting two drops of this food item in a liquefied state in your every nostril as a part of Nasya enhances and improves the immune system of the upper respiratory tract and prevents allergies of dust, smoke, and aerosols. It also prevents you from recurrent infections of nose, throat, and chest.
  • Consumption of 2 teaspoons of ghee every morning on an empty stomach prevents thickening of arteries and enhances blood circulation and also reduces the accumulation of free radicals in body cells.
  • Daily consumption of this dairy item along with roti or rice also helps to improve the digestion process, absorption of nutrients from food. Lubricated large intestines and prevents constipation.

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What Is Slim Milk & Benefits For Weight Loss

What Is Slim Milk ?

Skim milk is a milk from which the cream or milk fat has been removed.  Skim Slim milk is also known as fat-free milk because of its low-fat content. Switching from whole to skim milk is the best way to acquire essential dairy nutrients and cut down on your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. Low-fat Skim milk has lower than 0.5% milk fat and is generally labeled as “fat-free.” Though the de-fatting process also removes the fat-soluble vitamins from the milk, the loss of nutrients is made up through food fortification.

Therefore skim milk is equivalent to whole milk on every nutritional aspect other than its total calories, fat and cholesterol contents, making it an ideal dietary choice for cardiovascular health and weight management.

Nutritional Content Amul Slim Milk

Nutritional Content of Amul slim milk


Benefits of Skim Milk (FatFree) on Health

Ideal For Weight loss

Skim milk benefits weight loss moreover almond milk when it comes to protein. A 1-cup serving has 9 grams of protein, while almond milk has less than 2 grams of protein per cup. Protein digests slowly, and it takes a lot of energy to break down — a phenomenon called high thermic effect. Because of its higher protein content, your body actually burns more calories digesting milk than almond milk.

There’s also some evidence linking dairy consumption to fat loss. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2015 looked at the results of several prior studies to determine if there’s any connection between dairy intake and body weight.

After studying the results of 41 studies, the researchers found that, while dieters who consumed three servings a day of dairy didn’t lose weight, they did lose body fat. As of October 2015, no scientific evidence links almond milk to weight loss or fat loss.

Muscle Growth

Skim milk has an equally high amount of proteins as regular milk. An average cup of skim milk contains about 8.7 grams of proteins which is 17% of your recommended daily intake. Higher-end brands of skim milk are fortified with high protein powder, increasing its protein content to as much as 12 grams per serving.

Studies have found that protein-rich foods are more satisfying and can help suppress your appetite. High intakes of protein inhibit your brain’s production of appetite-stimulating hormones. A diet of low fat, high protein foods are proven to lower daily caloric intake and produce desirable weight loss results.

Keeps Heart Healthy

Skim milk is low in fat and cholesterol level as compared to whole milk. Saturated fats have been associated with many heart-related diseases for a long time, and coronary heart disease is the most usual one. The risk associated with milk doesn’t mean one should cut off milk and milk products from the diet, it’s not a wise idea. Skim milk is the most healthy and beneficial replacement for other types milk. As Skim milk is very low in fat and contains almost no saturated fats, adding it to a diet will keep your heart healthy.

Good For Bones

Calcium is very important mineral for bone development and maintenance in the body. Calcium is not present in fat of the milk as it is not a fat soluble. Therefore the amount of calcium in low-fat milk is same as whole milk. Drinking skimmed milk benefits our bones in long run. The calcium content in milk reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis at a young age, helping you feel strong as you age.

Balances Blood Pressure

The potassium content in skim milk is at peak. Potassium content is responsible to control blood pressure by relieving the strains and stress from blood vessels and arteries. Though which in return balances the blood pressure.

Benefits of low fat slim milk

Benefits of fat-free milk are tremendous, adding a glass of fat-free milk in your daily diet is enough to provide many useful minerals and vitamins. Also, low-fat milk like Amul skim milk is easily available in the market. If you are lazy enough to go out, you can also order Amul slim milk online from Awesome Dairy with home delivery in Mumbai.

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