Amul Slim n Trim Skimmed Milk 1 litre,12 Packets

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Dairy products contribute a major part to every Indian’s diet. Let it be a morning breakfast or night’s dinner at least one milk product is present in every Indian’s diet. People mostly tend to buy dairy products in bulk so as to consume them on daily basis. Awesome Dairy helps this consumer by offering them all dairy products in bulk including good quality milk in bulk at the best price along with free shipping in Mumbai. Flexible payment options like Online payment, card swipe on delivery, and cash on delivery for all bulk orders for Milk.

Why Awesome Dairy is best?

Awesome Dairy provides good deals for cooperates, retails shops as well as a single individual. Now one can order good quality dairy products in bulk like ghee, cheese, flavored milk, buttermilk, shrikhand, butter paneer, lassi, yogurt, and milk of all desired brands.

To get a special discount on milk powder and milk in bulk order for cooperates connect with us on email or call.

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