10 Proven Ways Cow Milk Helps You Build strong Immune System

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Milk Milk

10 Proven Ways Cow Milk Helps You Build strong Immune System

Milk is a widely consumed health beverage across all Indian households. We Indians just can’t imagine our lives without our trusted cow’s milk. It happens to be an integral part of our daily diet now. It has a versatile application.

Milk is a daily dose of good health. It is also a perfect ingredient for various desserts and savoury delicacies. Cow milk can amp up the taste and health factor of a dish. In fact, cow milk is a perfect replacement for a complete balanced meal.

Right from our childhood, we have seen our mothers insisting on having a glass of milk daily. They considered it an effective cure for every small as well as big ailments. As time changed, it has now become a versatile beverage.

We can now drink milk in different forms such as a cold smoothie, or as a hot or chilled flavoured drink. Cow milk is easy to digest because it is not a complex beverage. Some people drink it before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Yet, others drink it early in the morning to feel energised.

Cow milk incorporates some unique nutrients that cannot be found on any other form of milk. It is an old and most trusted form of health drink, which roots back to Ayurveda. Till today, it is regarded as a wholesome beverage for the holistic development of the body.

10 Benefits of Drinking Cow Milk are:

  1. Complete meal:
    Cow milk is packed with all the vital nutrients, which makes it a whole mean in itself. This healthy beverage is a storehouse of quality protein, which is an excellent source of strength to the building block of cells.It incorporates nine vital amino acids. These amino acids are famous for their incredible health benefits. Cow milk is a wonderworker for strengthening your immune system. It helps to repair the damaged tissues and cells as well.
  2. Strengthens bones and muscles:drink milk for growth of bones
    Cow milk contains a significant amount of calcium, which is highly associated with the development and maintenance of bones and muscles. Adding cow milk on your daily diet helps in enhancing your core strength. It thus helps to prevent the risk of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.Apart from quality protein, cow milk is filled with phosphorus, vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. The combination of these crucial nutrients are highly beneficial for the overall growth and development of your body.
  3. Good for weight loss:

    milk is good for weight loss
    Due to its great nutritive value and good fat content, cow’s milk is related to weight loss as well. This beverage is very satiating and prevents sudden hunger pangs. However, cow milk has many benefits and it helps in improving the metabolism of the body and thus prevents weight gain.
  4. Prevents Diabetes:
    Drinking cow’s milk on a daily basis helps you in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body. This health beverage has essential minerals as well as vitamins that help in processing the food regularly, and this further helps in maintaining the glucose and insulin level. Thus, cow’s milk is one of the super beverages that help in maintaining a healthy blood sugar level in the body.
  5. Maintains heart health:
    Cow’s milk incorporates a high amount of omega-3 fats which are suitable for your body. Drinking a glass of this super-healthy beverage every day helps to improve your cholesterol levels. This further helps in improving overall heart health.That’s not it, cow’s milk also helps in preventing any heart-related issues like heart attacks. Unlike any other milk, cow’s milk is lighter and much easier to digest as well.
  6. Brain food:
    Milk is a crucial brain-food. It is a storehouse of vitamin B, which works wonders in calming down your nerves. It helps in maintaining a proper sleep cycle. Vitamin B12 is known to improve our memory as well as sharpness. It is specifically essential in enhancing the overall brain development of a growing child.
  7. Inflammatory Issues:
    Milk is often recommended as a natural treatment for various problems. Such as gout, arthritis, breathing distress, or burns on the skin. Milk incorporates a combination of:
    a. complete animal proteins
    b. omega-3 fats
    c. antioxidant mineralsThese substances in milk make it an extraordinary anti-inflammatory compound. There is a reason some people drink milk after a spicy meal. Its unique mix of nutrients can relieve the stomach’s inflammation. It also enhances the efficiency of digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  8. Growth and Development:
    milk is good for children
    Cow’s milk is an excellent source of protein that benefits our internal functions. Protein plays a vital part, both in the production of energy and in the growth and natural advancements. A lot of significant research has concluded that cow’s milk aids growth and development, both physically and psychologically.

  9. Enhances Immunity:
    Cow’s milk is more than just calcium and protein. It incorporates antioxidant compounds like vitamin E, zinc and selenium. These compounds improve our natural defences to fight against harmful invaders.
  10. Fights Depression:
    Adequate vitamin D levels are being found to support the production of serotonin. It is a hormone people associate with sleep, appetite, and mood.However, a lot of research has linked vitamin D deficiency with clinical depression. Cow’s milk is a significant source of vitamin D as well.In a nutshell, cow’s milk is packed with all the vital nutrients like protein, calcium, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fat. All of these are extremely important for the healthy development and growth of your body.Moreover, given the current circumstance of a global pandemic, you can now order cow milk online through an app. Download Awesome Dairy mobile app on your mobile phones and get your favourite daily dose of health delivered at your doorstep.

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5 Prominent Health Benefits of Drinking Amul Milk

Milk is one of the essential dairy products that have been enjoyed throughout the world for thousands of years. Let’s ponder upon its main five benefits that help to maintain our health effectively. Also, let’s discover an online shop that allows you to buy Amul products online at a fantastic price.

Milk by it’s over the years of definition is a nutrient-rich fluid that the female mammals produce to feed their young ones. The most commonly consumed types come from goats, cows, as well as sheep. Today, not only the western countries but the whole world drinks cow’s milk most frequently. This dairy product is either consumed directly or can be incorporated in various dishes and food items. A lot of desserts are incomplete without milk.

Consumption of milk is a hotly debated topic in the nutrition world which often leaves you wondering whether it’s healthy or harmful. Below are five science-backed health benefits of this dairy product so that you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

1. Milk is packed with nutrients:

The nutritional value of milk is quite impressive after all it is designed to nourish the newborn.
One cup of milk incorporates the following amount of nutrients:
Calories: 146
Protein: 8 grams
Fat: 8 grams
Calcium: 28% of the RDA
Vitamin D: 24% of the RDA
Riboflavin (B2): 26% of the RDA
Vitamin B12: 18% of the RDA
Potassium: 10% of the RDA
Phosphorus: 22% of the RDA
Selenium: 13% of the RDA

2. It is an excellent source of quality protein:

Amul milk online availability has made things easier. Amul is one of the prominent brands in terms of dairy products. Such fluid is a rich source of protein. The quality protein is essential for many vital functions in your body, including development and overall growth, cellular repair and immune system regulation. This is the reason that milk is called a “complete protein” that contains all the essential nine amino acids necessary for your body to function effectively.

3. Milk benefits bone health:

Consuming milk has been associated with healthy bones. The reason behind it is the powerful combination of nutrients including calcium, potassium, phosphorous, protein and vitamin K2. All of these nutrients are proven necessities for maintaining strong and healthy bones. It is useful as well as beneficial to use https://essaynow.net/ service for students because it improves your study and mood.

4. Helps prevent weight gain:

This is a misconception that milk promotes weight gain. The studies have shown that milk intake is linked to a lower risk of obesity. The conjugated linoleic acid present in the liquid can boost weight loss by preventing fat breakdown and inhibiting fat production.

5. Milk is a versatile ingredient:

Milk is a nutritious fluid that offers a vast number of health benefits. Apart from drinking it, milk can also be included in the following food items:


Milk makes an excellent, high in protein smoothies. You can also combine it with greens and a small amount of fruit for a nutritious snack.


Milk offers a delicious, more nutritious alternative to water when making your morning oatmeal or hot cereal.
Coffee: Adding Amul milk, which you can order online, to your morning tea or coffee, will give your drink a boost of beneficial nutrients.


Adding this dairy product to your favourite soup adds extra flavour and nutrition.

The above-mentioned points makes it quite clear that milk is a dose of great health.
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Dairy Products: A Storehouse Of All The Essential Vitamins And Minerals.

Children, adolescents, and almost every individual should be encouraged to build a habit of consuming milk or dairy products in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Amul dairy products such as Amul lactose-free milk is one of the best dairy products with no harmful effects. Let us understand dairy products and some of its impressive benefits in details. Let’s also highlight some misconception too.

What are dairy products?

Dairy products are defined as the products made up of milk. The production plants that process the dairy products are known as dairy factory. Fresh milk taken from the cows is taken to the production plants for further processing of the products. Usually cow’s milk is used whereas occasionally milk from different mammals such as goats, sheep or water buffaloes is also used. The various important nutrients make dairy products a rich source of energy.

Types of dairy products:

Amul is one of the leading names in providing the best quality dairy products all over the nation. There are different types of dairy products being produced such as Amul fresh Paneer, cow milk, lactose-free milk, cream, yogurt, etc. All of these milk products are a rich source calcium and protein.

Nutritional Value of dairy:

Products made up of milk are nutritious foods and provides some of the amazing benefits when consumed with the following food items:

-Whole wheat bread


-Fresh vegetables

-Fresh fruits

Most of the people choose cow’s milk over any other because it provides 67 kilocalories with a protein content of 3.2gm per 100 ml. Milk proteins usually incorporate casein (about 80%) and whey (about 20%) out of which whey has a higher nutritional value.

After the removal of the fat and casein from the milk, it consists mainly of whey. The whey further consists of specialized proteins such as beta-lactoglobulin (50% of whey) and lactoglobulin.

As compared to the egg proteins, milk proteins have high biological value. The proteins in cow’s milk lack sulfur-containing amino acids and instead incorporate balanced amino acid profiles that further provides good digestibility. It is a good choice for the family to include it in their daily diet. Casein in cow’s milk when combines with calcium, it forms caseinogens which become more difficult to digest. This is the reason that some people cannot consume fresh milk because they are lactose intolerant. They can instead drink Amul lactose-free milk available online in India.

The important nutrient content of milk makes it an absolutely necessary product to add it to your daily diet for a good and healthy life.

Apart from protein, milk contains the following major nutrients such as:

  • Fat:

Milk and milk products contain fats in the form of glycerides. Different milk has different fat content such as:

-Whole milk contains 3.9gm fat per 100ml.

-Semi-skimmed milk incorporates 1.7gm fat per 100 ml.

-Skim milk has 0.2gm fat per 100ml.

  • Carbohydrates:

Disaccharide called lactose is the main carbohydrate found in milk. It is usually made up of two simple sugars such as glucose and galactose. Lactose helps in the absorption of calcium and phosphorous and stimulates the synthesis of some B complex vitamins in the small intestine. An intestinal enzyme in the human body called lactase helps in digesting lactose. Some human body fails to produce enough lactase that further prevents lactose digestion. The undigested lactose is then broken down by the bacteria in the large intestine which further causes gas, bloating, pain and diarrhea. This condition is called lactose intolerance.

Lactose intolerant people usually find discomfort after consuming the dairy products alone. They can further tolerate milk with cereals, or cooked as custard more than liquid milk. Some dairy products contain less lactose and may be better for people with lactase deficiency in the body. These products include:

-Fermented milk items such as yogurts, cheddar cheese, and Amul butter.

-Evaporated milk after heating breaks down some of the lactose and becomes quite safe to consume.

  • Vitamins and Minerals:

Milk and its products are an excellent source of some of the important vitamins and minerals such as Calcium. Milk incorporates significant amounts of vitamin A and B such as thiamine, riboflavin, and nicotinic acid. It also contains vitamin B12.

The most prominent minerals found in milk are Calcium, Phosphorous, Sodium, and Potassium. Calcium is an important mineral for maintaining healthy bones and teeth, cures blood clotting, the transmission of nerve impulses and also maintains the regulation of the heart’s rhythm.

Benefits of Amul milk and its other products:

Milk and the other dairy products are a rich source of Calcium and Protein in a natural way. One liter of milk provides approx 1200mg of Calcium which is more than enough for the daily requirement of Calcium to the body. An adequate amount of calcium intake is highly necessary for growth in children. It also helps in preventing diseases like osteoporosis in adults. Calcium is also a much-needed mineral that keeps the high blood pressure in check and also helps in preventing hypertension.

Protein content in milk helps in building and repairing body tissues and builds antibodies which fight infection. The riboflavin present in the milk helps in initiating metabolism energy and also helps in tissue formation. Magnesium and phosphorous present helps in maintaining bone and teeth health. Potassium on the other hand aids in the correct functioning of nerves and muscles whereas Vitamin B12 aids in red blood cell formation. The thiamine content of milk helps in releasing energy from carbohydrate and aids normal growth.

Some misconceptions:

Despite the innumerable health benefits of dairy products, some people are skeptical about its consumption because of the fat and cholesterol content with the further risk of atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease. However, there is insufficient scientific evidence that supports this caution.

In the year 2014 at Dairy Australia Seminar Series, Professor Peter C Elwood submitted a review on the epidemiological evidence on milk and cardiovascular diseases showed that the people who consume milk have a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases compared to those who drink little or no milk, despite the fact that most of the milk consumed was a regular fat milk. The review concluded with the fact that the rate of stroke and heart disease was 15% lower among the people with the highest consumption of milk.

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Amul milk and its products are the safest and extremely healthy to consume. Each product incorporates all the dairy benefits mentioned above. Awesome Diary is an online destination where you can get all the Amul products such as Amul milk tetra pack, Paneer, cream, etc online and at a reasonable price. Go through the list of various amazing, tasty yet healthy Amul products and buy your desired item.

What Is Slim Milk & Benefits For Weight Loss

What Is Slim Milk ?

Skim milk is a milk from which the cream or milk fat has been removed.  Skim Slim milk is also known as fat-free milk because of its low-fat content. Switching from whole to skim milk is the best way to acquire essential dairy nutrients and cut down on your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol. Low-fat Skim milk has lower than 0.5% milk fat and is generally labeled as “fat-free.” Though the de-fatting process also removes the fat-soluble vitamins from the milk, the loss of nutrients is made up through food fortification.

Therefore skim milk is equivalent to whole milk on every nutritional aspect other than its total calories, fat and cholesterol contents, making it an ideal dietary choice for cardiovascular health and weight management.

Nutritional Content Amul Slim Milk

Nutritional Content of Amul slim milk


Benefits of Skim Milk (FatFree) on Health

Ideal For Weight loss

Skim milk benefits weight loss moreover almond milk when it comes to protein. A 1-cup serving has 9 grams of protein, while almond milk has less than 2 grams of protein per cup. Protein digests slowly, and it takes a lot of energy to break down — a phenomenon called high thermic effect. Because of its higher protein content, your body actually burns more calories digesting milk than almond milk.

There’s also some evidence linking dairy consumption to fat loss. A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2015 looked at the results of several prior studies to determine if there’s any connection between dairy intake and body weight.

After studying the results of 41 studies, the researchers found that, while dieters who consumed three servings a day of dairy didn’t lose weight, they did lose body fat. As of October 2015, no scientific evidence links almond milk to weight loss or fat loss.

Muscle Growth

Skim milk has an equally high amount of proteins as regular milk. An average cup of skim milk contains about 8.7 grams of proteins which is 17% of your recommended daily intake. Higher-end brands of skim milk are fortified with high protein powder, increasing its protein content to as much as 12 grams per serving.

Studies have found that protein-rich foods are more satisfying and can help suppress your appetite. High intakes of protein inhibit your brain’s production of appetite-stimulating hormones. A diet of low fat, high protein foods are proven to lower daily caloric intake and produce desirable weight loss results.

Keeps Heart Healthy

Skim milk is low in fat and cholesterol level as compared to whole milk. Saturated fats have been associated with many heart-related diseases for a long time, and coronary heart disease is the most usual one. The risk associated with milk doesn’t mean one should cut off milk and milk products from the diet, it’s not a wise idea. Skim milk is the most healthy and beneficial replacement for other types milk. As Skim milk is very low in fat and contains almost no saturated fats, adding it to a diet will keep your heart healthy.

Good For Bones

Calcium is very important mineral for bone development and maintenance in the body. Calcium is not present in fat of the milk as it is not a fat soluble. Therefore the amount of calcium in low-fat milk is same as whole milk. Drinking skimmed milk benefits our bones in long run. The calcium content in milk reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis at a young age, helping you feel strong as you age.

Balances Blood Pressure

The potassium content in skim milk is at peak. Potassium content is responsible to control blood pressure by relieving the strains and stress from blood vessels and arteries. Though which in return balances the blood pressure.

Benefits of low fat slim milk

Benefits of fat-free milk are tremendous, adding a glass of fat-free milk in your daily diet is enough to provide many useful minerals and vitamins. Also, low-fat milk like Amul skim milk is easily available in the market. If you are lazy enough to go out, you can also order Amul slim milk online from Awesome Dairy with home delivery in Mumbai.

If you want to know what is skim milk price ,Click Here

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5 Reasons to Switch to Skimmed milk

Skimmed Milk: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

What Is Farm Fresh (Grade A) Milk and Its Benefits?

The new big thing hitting our supermarket shelves is Grade A milk’. Not only has this resulted in a great debate about whether it is any better for us than regular cow’s milk, but also a bitter feud over labelling between the big dairy companies in the Federal Court. So is Grade A milk healthy for you? Let’s find out.

Grade A milk, also called fluid grade milk, refers to milk produced under sufficiently sanitary conditions to qualify for fluid (beverage) consumption. Only Grade A milk is regulated under federal milk marketing orders. More than 90% of all milk produced nationally is Grade A, and much of the Grade A milk supply is used in manufactured dairy products.


What are the major differences between farm fresh Grade A and Grade B milk?

In order for a dairy farmer to be classified as a Grade A producer, the producer’s facilities and milk must meet more stringent health and sanitation requirements than those of a manufactured grade (commonly called Grade B) milk producer.

Consequently, only Grade A milk can be used for fluid consumption; Grade B can be used only in manufactured dairy products such as cheese, butter, and nonfat dry milk. However, more than one-half of the Grade A milk supply is used in manufactured products.

Grade A milk is full of nutrition and naturally high in calcium. It’s best for growing kids, nursing mothers, sports and fitness freaks, weight loss and generally highly enthusiastic people. Its rich fulsome taste and smoothness are loved by children and adults.

Types of milk to reduce weight –

While there are a lot of types of milk available commercially, there are not many types of milk to reduce weight. You can consume skimmed or low-fat milk when attempting to lose weight. You also get Grade A milk and whole milk, both of which are healthy but high in fats.

You can also consume unsweetened yogurt, low-fat paneer, and other dairy products made from skimmed milk. Stay away from cream, cheese and ice creams, all of which contain a lot of calories.

Where to get Grade A milk –

Dairy products are one of the vital ingredients in our food. Buying dairy products from grocery store calls for a risk. It may include adulterated products and shopkeepers may not know about how to store milk products at the required temperature.

Developing online grocery stores are one the prefered choice to buy fresh farm milk. These shops provide quality milk products of various brands like Nutoras, Amul, Gowardhan, Epigamia etc. One can enjoy the fresh and safe delivery of milk products at their doorstep.

Concisely, Grade A milk can be consumed anytime as a substitute for regular milk. Both are rich in proteins and vitamins.

Is Flavoured Milk Good For You & What Are Its Benefits

Since our childhood, we have followed the trend of thinking that milk is a superfood for us. However, with the growing technology, the modernisation forces to people to change their taste and choices. Drinking flavoured milk is what most of us preferred nowadays. Read here about what are the benefits of flavoured milk? Is it really good for you?

Benefits of flavoured milk

All milk, including flavoured milk, contains a unique combination of nutrients important for growth and development in kids, and for optimal health and disease prevention in adults.

Regular milk and chocolate milk contain beneficial carbohydrates and proteins needed for recovery, replenishment and adaptation after exercise. However, chocolate milk has a better combination of carbohydrate and protein and is more suitable for post-exercise recovery. This makes it a better post-exercise drink.

Flavored milk benefits are that it has all of the required nutrients found in unflavored milk such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, protein, riboflavin, niacin and vitamins A, B12 and D. It contributes only 3% of added sugars in the diets of children between 2-18 years. In addition, children who drink milk, either flavoured or white, have better nutrient intakes and similar body weights as non-milk drinkers.

Difference between flavoured milk and regular milk

Flavoured milk is made with milk, sugar, colourings and artificial or natural flavourings. Flavored milk is often pasteurized using ultra-high-temperature (UHT) treatment, which gives it a longer shelf-life than plain milk. Whereas, normal milk is a pure milk crafted from cow, goat or other animal sources.

Flavored milk boom in India

In recent years, India’s packaged flavoured milk segment has been enjoying an increased level of interest, and this attention has brought about a significant amount of product innovation in the country.

Flavored milk has gained ground in India over the past few years, and most dairy players in the country feature some form of the flavoured beverage in their product mix. On top of that, there has even been innovation from companies that are not typically associated with the dairy space.

New research from global market intelligence agency reveals that flavoured milk products accounted for 43% of dairy drink introductions in India in 2016. In fact, these products are still causing a stir, with flavoured milk accounting for 39% of Indian dairy drink launches during the first half of 2017.

Categories of flavoured milk

Badam, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Elaichi, Hazelnut, Kesar, Mango, Pista, Rose, Smoothie, Strawberry, Tetra Pak, UHT treated etc. are some of the categories in which flavoured milk is available at various shops. Amul, Gowardhan are few of those brand who sell all kinds of flavoured milk products.

Where to get?

It’s easier to get flavoured milk in any grocery store. However, it may include the risk of adulteration. The shopkeepers may not be aware of at what temperature it should be stored? Or how to do packaging of flavoured milk drinks?

Hence, the new way is to buy flavoured milk near you with the use of the internet. There are numerous shops available on the internet who serve and deliver flavoured milk products at reasonable rate. One can buy from different categories of milk from them such as Lactose-free milk, Farm fresh milk, Whole milk etc. Buy any kind of flavoured milk products from these Awesome Dairy to enjoy the tasty and pure milk.

5 Health Benefits Of Golden Milk & How To Make It?

We all are aware of milk benefits and its various uses. But, do you remember your childhood memories of drinking milk with turmeric (Haldi)? Turmeric is basically a golden yellow spice used in Asian curries. However, it’s earning a name for itself as a potent medicinal food. It is traditionally used in Indian households for treating specific diseases as well as a tonic for general health. Turmeric milk is also referred to as ‘Golden milk.’ Hence without wasting any time let’s move to our topic. Read here about what are the benefits of golden milk and how it is beneficial to you in numerous ways.

Know the benefits of golden milk –

  • Gives relief from a cough and cold

Turmeric milk is a commonly used traditional remedy for a cough, cold, and other respiratory tract infections. Turmeric increases mucus production which naturally flushes out the microbes that have managed to get a foothold in the respiratory tract.

The antiviral and antibacterial properties of turmeric can help fight the infections while the anti-inflammatory property helps relieve the symptoms. A cup of warm turmeric milk before going to bed will relieve nighttime coughing and provide restful sleep.

  • Solves digestive problems

You can tackle most of the digestive tract problems with turmeric. That could be why it came to be regarded as an important culinary spice. It improves digestion, helps relieve gas and bloating as well as heartburn resulting from gastric reflux. Turmeric increases the flow of bile, which helps in fat digestion. Loss of appetite and indigestion can be successfully treated with a cup of turmeric milk a day.

Turmeric can prevent and treat gastrointestinal infections and get rid of worms. In the tropics where intestinal parasites are very common, especially in children, turmeric milk comes to the rescue.

  • It is a liver tonic

Laboratory tests and clinical studies have demonstrated the ability of the curcumin in turmeric to prevent and reverse liver cirrhosis and fatty liver. Liver, being the chemical hub of the body, is constantly engaged in the processing of chemical substances entering the body. That includes environmental pollutants, chemical additives in processed foods and drugs taken for other disease conditions.

  • An excellent blood purifier

Turmeric has always been regarded as an excellent detoxifying agent. Our body has to deal with an onslaught of toxins that enter the blood through our food and drink as well as the respiratory tract. They can damage not only the blood vessels but all the other tissues that the contaminated blood reaches.

Toxins in the blood are the underlying causes of many abnormal skin conditions and other diseases. Turmeric helps the elimination of blood impurities by improving the function of the liver which is entrusted with the duty of identifying these toxins and finding a way to eliminate them. Moreover, the diuretic effect of turmeric helps flush out these toxins through urine.

  • Improves reproductive health of females

Turmeric acts as a mild phytoestrogen, promoting the reproductive health of females. It increases fertility in women who have trouble conceiving due to hormonal insufficiency. Women with painful periods find relief with turmeric milk taken during the week of their period. It relieves post-menopausal symptoms too.

Although turmeric reduces the ache associated periods, it is a uterine stimulant that promotes the free flow of menstrual discharge. For this reason, turmeric in therapeutic doses should be avoided during pregnancy.

In a nutshell, milk becomes tastier and healthier when it is mix with turmeric.

How to make golden milk?


Benefits of drinking turmeric milk

Ingredients –

  • ½ tbsp turmeric
  • 1 cup milk
  • ½ cup water
  • 2-3 black peppercorns


  • Warm milk and water over low heat and stir in the turmeric powder.
  • Bring to a boil and allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
  • This will reduce the milk to one cup.
  • Turn off the heat and add crushed black pepper.
  • Drink the milk hot or warm.

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