What Is Farm Fresh (Grade A) Milk and Its Benefits?

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benefits of fresh farm milk benefits of fresh farm milk

What Is Farm Fresh (Grade A) Milk and Its Benefits?

The new big thing hitting our supermarket shelves is Grade A milk’. Not only has this resulted in a great debate about whether it is any better for us than regular cow’s milk, but also a bitter feud over labelling between the big dairy companies in the Federal Court. So is Grade A milk healthy for you? Let’s find out.

Grade A milk, also called fluid grade milk, refers to milk produced under sufficiently sanitary conditions to qualify for fluid (beverage) consumption. Only Grade A milk is regulated under federal milk marketing orders. More than 90% of all milk produced nationally is Grade A, and much of the Grade A milk supply is used in manufactured dairy products.


What are the major differences between farm fresh Grade A and Grade B milk?

In order for a dairy farmer to be classified as a Grade A producer, the producer’s facilities and milk must meet more stringent health and sanitation requirements than those of a manufactured grade (commonly called Grade B) milk producer.

Consequently, only Grade A milk can be used for fluid consumption; Grade B can be used only in manufactured dairy products such as cheese, butter, and nonfat dry milk. However, more than one-half of the Grade A milk supply is used in manufactured products.

Grade A milk is full of nutrition and naturally high in calcium. It’s best for growing kids, nursing mothers, sports and fitness freaks, weight loss and generally highly enthusiastic people. Its rich fulsome taste and smoothness are loved by children and adults.

Types of milk to reduce weight –

While there are a lot of types of milk available commercially, there are not many types of milk to reduce weight. You can consume skimmed or low-fat milk when attempting to lose weight. You also get Grade A milk and whole milk, both of which are healthy but high in fats.

You can also consume unsweetened yogurt, low-fat paneer, and other dairy products made from skimmed milk. Stay away from cream, cheese and ice creams, all of which contain a lot of calories.

Where to get Grade A milk –

Dairy products are one of the vital ingredients in our food. Buying dairy products from grocery store calls for a risk. It may include adulterated products and shopkeepers may not know about how to store milk products at the required temperature.

Developing online grocery stores are one the prefered choice to buy fresh farm milk. These shops provide quality milk products of various brands like Nutoras, Amul, Gowardhan, Epigamia etc. One can enjoy the fresh and safe delivery of milk products at their doorstep.

Concisely, Grade A milk can be consumed anytime as a substitute for regular milk. Both are rich in proteins and vitamins.

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