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Sell on your Own Mobile Dairy Application

1 February, 2020

Awesome Dairy Reseller App is offering a potential platform for smooth operations of Local Dairies!

Founded by Amol Ghodke and Smruti Palve Ghodke, Mumbai-based Awesome Dairy Reseller App lets local dairies their daily end-to-end operations, sell their products, as well as track their performance through a potential online platform. The arrival of the milkman at your door every morning has become a crucial ritual of almost every Indian household’s. But, the times have changed, and so does people’s daily schedule. Today not everyone can wake up early in the morning to receive their pack of milk from the milkman. The digitalization era has made our lives much more comfortable with almost everything available to us, just a click away. Awesome Dairy Reseller App, a Mumbai-based startup that aims for the smooth operation of local dairies over the internet. This Application allows local diaries to utilize the potential online platform to sell their dairy products, which further contributes to the new digital era. Amol Ghodke and Sruti Palve Ghodke is a Mumbai-based couple who initiated the first-ever “only dairy” online store so that everyone can have access to their favourite dairy product at any time of the day. People don’t have to take out any extra time from their schedule and can order their preferred product online and get it delivered at their doorstep in no time. This further ensures that everyone can have access to a healthy diet.

We aim to make the right move in the right direction! According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, India incorporates more than 75 million dairy farms
and produces over 150 million tons of milk almost every year. It holds the record of having the largest cattle population in the world and is the second-largest milk producer after the United States. Moreover, the ministry of Animal Husbandry estimates that livestock potentially contributes about 4 percent of the GDP, out of which the dairy sector of the nation forms a large and significant part. Even though the dairy sector is rapidly flourishing at a double-digit CAGR, the industry remains mostly unorganized. More than half of the dairies are still managed manually and require a lot of human involvement. They even lack behind in reaping the benefits of the digital era and the latest technologies. The B2B scene takes hold of everything-milk is handed off with distributors, who then manage the whole circulation to retailers, and gradually collect the money. Most of this cycle of activities is carried out manually. However, the dairies might use software to manage operations, but they are rarely available at the distribution level, which further leads to missed data. We, however, believe that the whole process can be effectively monitored and thus saw a big opportunity. Our platform will help you sell your products as well as manage all the operations online without incorporating many humans.

The Business Model For Dairy App

The building or developing any business comes with its own set of difficulties. Amol and Smruti were lucky enough to come up with the right kind of solution. Awesome Dairy now holds a wide range of clients ranging from new local dairies supplying 300 liters per day to large-scale dairies supplying three
lakh liters a day. All you have to do is jot in your details and utilize this online platform to sell your products online and keep track of it. Our platform also allows consumers to sign up for daily milk subscriptions online; this way, both the producer and the consumer are benefitted. Dairy products play a crucial role in every aspect of our lives, and there should be no one deprived of reaping its benefits- Amol and Smruti Ghodke.

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