Nutoras Low Fat Paneer – Review & Benefits of Paneer on Health

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Nutoras Low Fat Paneer – Review & Benefits of Paneer on Health

It is tough to imagine Indian cuisine without cottage cheese or paneer. If the non-vegetarians have their ever-so-versatile chicken, then vegetarians have for long taken pride in their most beloved paneer which can blend in any dry or gravy preparation.

Cottage cheese makes way into so many of our desserts too. Apart from these indulgent preparations, paneer can make for healthful food too. Let’s have look at the benefits of eating paneer and how Nutoras Low Fat Paneer can be beneficial for you.

Nutoras follows a 5-step process to ensure that pure and natural milk reaches you in the shortest possible time. The nutrition plan of the animals is guided by bovine nutritionists, based on each animal’s age, pregnancy cycle and milking chart. Veterinarians monitor cattle health real-time with state-of-the-art imported technology.


Benefits of Paneer on Health

Improves body metabolism

Paneer provides instant energy to the body and helps in releasing much-needed calories in the body. The insulin resistance of the body is controlled and it also helps in improving body metabolism. The body will not store unnecessary fat and digestion will improve.

Paneer is a great source of linoleic acid, and this acid helps in the burning of body fat. The fat deposits in the arteries that lead to heart attacks can be reduced by the intake of Paneer due to its ability to burn fat. Beef, lamb, and veal have a high presence of this acid, and this is where paneer immensely benefits strict vegetarians.

Reduces body and joint pain

Paneer can reduce body pains and it works wonders for the person who is suffering from lower back pain. The presence of omega three and omega six fatty acids in paneer help in combating arthritis and benefit aged people who have trouble walking and are suffering from joint pain.

Presence of omega three in paneer, benefits pregnant woman as it reduces the chances of stillbirth and disorders. Omega three and omega six are present in fish like sardines. For vegetarians, paneer fulfills the need of omega three and six in the body.

Prevents cancer

The presence of selenium and potassium in paneer keeps the body healthy and prevents cancer. It even helps in combating cancer if it has started to develop. The presence of proteins helps in the prevention of stomach and colon cancer.

The presence of sphingolipids would help in the prevention of other forms of cancer inside the body. Prostate cancer which is common in men would be reduced by intake of Paneer.

Cottage cheese strengthen bones and teeth

Cottage cheese is one of the best sources of calcium. Experts say that cottage cheese can fulfill 8% of the daily recommended value. 100 grams of cottage cheese has a whopping 83 grams of protein! Adequate calcium levels ensure healthy bones, teeth, healthy heart muscles and smooth nerve functioning too.

Culinary Uses

  • Some of the most common recipes made with paneer are palak paneer (paneer and spinach leaves, shahi paneer (paneer cooked with Mughlai spices), paneer masala and matar paneer (paneer and peas).
  • Low fat paneer may be added to the kheer and served as a healthy dessert.

Nutoras Low Fat Paneer Nutrition Facts

Calories – 158 gm

Fat – 5gm

Carbs – 5gm

Protein – 22gm

How to store?

Store the low fat paneer in enough water in a deep container or bowl. The water has to be changed every 2 days, after which it can be refrigerated again. It stays fresh for a week when stored under these conditions. If it turns sour or has lost its softness, then place it in warm water for about 5 minutes before using. Nutoras is well known brands for low  fat paneer. One can buy low fat paneer online too, as it is hardly available in general stores and super markets

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