Why Unsalted Butter is better than the Salted Butter?

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Why Unsalted Butter is better than the Salted Butter?

5 October, 2018

Choosing healthy over tasty food is the best but the toughest decision to make. You need not have to compromise any longer because Amul unsalted butter is not only tasty but comes with more health benefits.

Generally, the salted butter is most loved and preferred by the consumers. The sole reason behind its popularity is its taste. On the other hand, unsalted butter benefits our health in numerous untold ways and we often don’t consider it on our monthly grocery list. We often overlook unsalted butter because we aren’t aware of its amazing health benefits.

In this digitalized era where everyone is zipped up with heavy and tight schedules, it is very essential to take care of your health. Big food industries are teaming up to produce healthier products. This is the reason that we find a huge variety of kinds of butter today.

Let us check our facts again with the following list of unsalted butter nutrition benefits:

1. Low salt content:

Like sugar, salt intake should also be monitored while aging. This is because a huge amount of salt intake can lead to some serious cardiovascular issues. It can also lead to hypertension. Unsalted butter has low salt in it and thus it is not harmful to the health. The unsalted Amul butter online comes with many health benefits and is a great replacement in making desserts and sweets for your loved ones.

2. Longevity:

Unsalted butter shelf life is less as compared to the salted one. This shouldn’t be taken as a drawback. The food containing salt can often be preserved for many days so as the salted butter. But preserved foods aren’t good enough in terms of health benefits. On the other hand, unsalted butter is directly taken from the churn without adding anything to it. Despite the less shelf life, unsalted butter benefits our health more than the salted butter.

3. Taste:

The biggest advantage of salted butter is that it tastes good. Most of the people get to stick to salted butter because it is delicious to eat. Tasty foods are often devoured at a much faster rate than the healthy dish. We have been instilled with the fact that healthy food cannot be tasty. Unsalted Amul butter nutrition facts not only make it healthy but tasty too. The creamy flavour will help you easily switch into the healthy habits. Your taste buds won’t crave for salt once it tastes the milky creamy flavour of Amul’s unsalted butter.

We should never take our health for granted. Not keeping a check on your daily food intake can later lead to some serious or even non-curable health issues or diseases. Someone rightly said, “You shouldn’t live to eat, you should eat to live.”

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