Which Milk Is Healthier: Toned Milk Or Full-Cream Milk?

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Which Milk Is Healthier: Toned Milk Or Full-Cream Milk?

27 December, 2018

Milk is a dairy product which offers various health benefits. Scroll in to know which milk is the best for our health. Also, find out an online website that offers Amul tetra pack milk 200 ml online at the best price.

Only a few people manage to get through lactose intolerance. These people are busy deciding which milk is healthier to consume. More specifically, which variety of milk is beneficial for weight loss as well as supply you with an adequate amount of nutrition. The health quotient of toned and full-cream milk is always debatable. Some people say that toned milk is more beneficial than other varieties. Let us understand this more precisely and then you can decide it for yourself.

What is toned milk?

The procedure for preparing toned milk incorporates adding skimmed milk powder and water to the whole milk. This method cuts down the excess fat content of the milk as well as increases its quantity. Technically, it is quite similar to skimmed milk.

Pros of toned milk:

Toned milk incorporates less fat as compared to full-cream milk but it continues to maintain the nutritional content. Considering the fact, one glass of toned milk contains 80 calories, which is directly half the calorie content of full-cream milk. It provides a good amount of calcium which is beneficial for bones and teeth.

Cons of toned milk:

This variety of milk fails to retain the fat-soluble vitamins of full-cream milk. On the basis of taste, full-cream milk tastes better than toned milk. This type of milk is also not suitable for baking or cooking.

What is full-cream milk?

Full-cream milk is the raw milk which is high in terms of fat, calcium and beneficial nutrients in milk. This milk is safe to consume and does not have any changes.

Pros of full-cream milk:

The untouched and undisturbed variety of milk retains all the nutrients. It is the best product for malnourished kids and pregnant women. It is a great source of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

Cons of full-cream milk:

This variety is high in terms of fat. A person who is trying to lose weight should avoid it. It has a higher amount of fat as compared to toned milk. It incorporates saturated fat which is known to raise cholesterol levels.
The above-mentioned discussion proves that both the varieties of milk have their own specific pros and cons. Based on your circumstance and requirements you can opt the kind of milk for yourself.

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