10 Healthy reasons to enjoy Amul Butter!

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10 Healthy reasons to enjoy Amul Butter!

24 April, 2019

Some of the prominent researchers have pointed out that 20 percent of the fat found in butter incorporates short and medium-length fatty acids. Such acids are directly used as energy and do not linger around enough to affect the blood fat levels too much. Let’s ponder upon some of the prominent health benefits of Amul butter easily available online and also learn about an online store that offers this product at the best-discounted price.

Since during the early 1920s butter has been pushed aside in favour of margarine along with other fad fats and vilified a deadly saturated fat causing substance that further causes heart disease. But thousands of years before that this dairy product was a dietary staple of many prominent cultures with no such evidence of adverse effects on health.

Let’s unveil the truth and shed some light upon the top ten prominent health benefits of butter below:

1. This dairy product is the most easily absorbable source of vitamin A which helps to support the thyroid as well as the adrenal glands and the cardiovascular system.
2. There is no evident prove that butter leads to excess body fat. However, in reality, its short and medium chain fatty acids are burned for quick and instant energy and not stored which also gives a feeling of satiety that decreases cravings and over-eating.
3. It is highly rich in anti-oxidants incorporating vitamins A and E, as well as selenium protecting against heart diseases as well as cancer.
4. This dairy food item is a good source of dietary cholesterol that acts as an anti-oxidant, repairing damage from free radicals caused by unhealthy fats, vegetable oils, and trans fat.
5. The saturated fat found in Amul garlic butter consists of short and medium chain fatty acids that hold an anti-tumor property and also strengthen the immune system.
6. The conjugated linolenic acid found in this dairy food item proves to be cancer-protective.
7. The anti-stiffness property of butter protects against arthritis, cataracts, and hardening of the arteries.
8. Butter is an excellent source of iodine present in a highly absorbable form and necessary for proper thyroid function.
9. This dairy food item also promotes gastrointestinal health and decreases rates of diarrhea in children.
10. It is also a good source of vitamin K2 that prevents tooth decay and builds strong bones as well as teeth.

The points mentioned above highlight some of the amazing health benefits of plain as well as garlic butter by Amul.
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