Shrikhand Mango 500 gm Cup

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Mango Srikhand is a semi-soft slightly sour sweetish milk dessert that is prepared with the help of lactic fermented curd. The flavor of the mango adds a refreshing touch and you can enjoy the dessert in its chilled version on a hot summer day. The soft and uniform texture of the mango Srikhand ensures that you have every bit of goodness of the whole milk with each spoonful.

Gokul Mango Shrikhand 500 gm Cup

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Product Description

Product Description

Quantity 500 gm cup

Mango Srikhand comes in small cups which can be served to guests directly. This dairy product is rich in essential proteins and calcium which help in bone health. This is a wholesome food; it helps to absorb calcium and Vitamin B and gives you a fuller feeling.

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100% Fruit Base, Made From Cows Milk



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